Latch guard

If the door is closed but not locked, the latch guard automatically blocks the door latch and provides reliable protection. As soon as the door is closed, the system is activated. Intruders cannot force the latch guard back, even using precision tools. And burglars can forget using the credit card method.

Doors with electric door openers can be prised open in just a few deft movements of the hand. The Biffar latch guard renders this impossible.

Benefits of the Biffar latch guard:

  • Basic security for short absences
  • Additional security feature for the Biffar lock
  • Credit card method does not work

Die Fallensperre blockiert die Falle bei nicht abgeschlossener Tür automatisch und bietet so einen zuverlässigen Schutz bei kurzfristiger Abwesenheit.

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