Safe bolts

Safe bolts are screwed solidly into the door with counter-plates and can withstand lateral pressure of 1.2 t. They grip deep into the frame on the hinge side and provide effective protection against huge pressure loads.

Front doors and apartment doors can often be prised open on the hinge side with a screwdriver or a crowbar. Biffar has developed effective mechanisms to prevent this. The safe bolts are located at the same height as the hinges and are automatically inserted into the frame when the doors is closed. This mechanism strengthens the door and frame to withstand pressure and forcing.

The basic door includes one swing bolt, one latch guard and two safe bolts as standard. For a higher level of safety, Biffar can add an extra swing bolt and 4 safe bolts ( RC2/RC3).

Benefits of the Biffar safety bolts:

  • Reinforces hinge side against pressure and forcing
  • Resists lateral pressure of 1.2 t

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