Safety catch

The safety catch which was developed by Biffar protects your entrance even when the door is open. With the safety catch, you can have your door ajar and still keep your home safe while answering the door to people you don’t know. It is bolted to the door frame with a counter plate to ensure it is shock-resistant and impact-resistant.

You can lock and unlock the safety catch from inside by turning a knob. From outside, you can unlock the safety catch by simply using your keys and unlocking your door, giving you complete control whether inside or outside your home.

The safety catch limits the gap between the door and the frame to a width of 10cm, which still allows you to communicate with visitors. It is especially convenient if you do not have an intercom or if the visitor is already inside the apartment block.

Reasons to use a Biffar safety catch:

  • A safe preventative measure
  • Impact-resistant
  • Replaces the old-fashioned chain and limits the gap to 10cm
  • Additional protection agains intruders

Der Sperrbügel von Biffar bietet die Möglichkeit, die Tür im verriegelten Zustand ca. 10 cm zu öffnen.

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