Your home is your own personal sanctuary where you find security, warmth and protection. A fundamental feeling that is all wrapped up in our innate desire for safety in our lives. Our perfectly developed solutions and innovative products protect your home from harm and give you a satisfying feeling of safety. While our entrance concepts are functional, they also embody exclusive design. But our main priority is to make you feel safe and comfortable. Biffar is your door(way) to safety – handmade in Germany.

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Front doors

Energy-efficient, burglar-resistant and timeless in design. These are the features we look for in our front doors. What’s more, a front door is also a place where we interact and reflects the way we see life. When you select the design, colour and material for your front door, you create your very own design concept and put your own personal stamp on your Biffar door.

apartment door
Apartment doors

Safety, protection and the best in heat insulation are the standards we set for our apartment entrance doors. To make sure you feel completely at home, we supply a wide range of trendy designs and decors. Your Biffar door will match your personal lifestyle as well as your individual taste.

copper door by Biffar
Copper doors

One of our most exclusive products is our handcrafted copper door. Copper is a highly refined material in all kinds of ways and it has proven its worth over many decades and centuries. Our copper doors are of course also equipped with the best security system and include the same features as our other Biffar doors.


The door is a crucial element in the design of your very own entrance. Front doors contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic appearance of your home. Choosing the best apartment door is hugely important if you are to feel comfortable and safe in your apartment.


You open the door and close the door. Decide who comes in and who stays out – at any given moment. So you need to make your house appear both friendly and firm at the same time – with a Biffar door designed to your individual needs: translucent, attractive, perfectly shaped, heat-insulated with multiple glazing, burglar-resistant material and featuring a wide range of design elements.



Behind every door are an overall concept and an experienced team which come together to create your very own entrance with a tradition of skilled craftsmanship. Choose from a range of aluminium doors with or without glazing and from a variety of colour options. As a traditional industry, we have been able to develop the perfect balance between craftsmanship and technology over the last five decades.



Come and go free of complicated locks and bolts but keep that feeling of being safe and sound in your home. With smart burglar-resistant solutions, such as swing bolts and safe bolts, blocking systems and automatic locks. Biffar products serve up a huge slice of security for you and your loved ones. You don’t have to feel in the least bit insecure.

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We stand for

Whether you’re looking for front doors, apartment entrance doors or back doors, almost all doors and windows are opportunities for burglars to enter your home. With Biffar doors, windows and technical systems, we provide a high level of safety to prevent the situation from ever arising.

We offer you

Over the years, there have been many major developments and innovations, especially when it comes to safety and heat insulation. Our specialists can show you customised options to meet your requirements and provide advice in detail.

We shine when it comes to

The essential thing when you’re buying a door is good service. It starts with great advice, includes professional and clean fitting and continues right on through to the final inspection and maintenance as the years go on. We provide lifelong service because our customers and their needs are central to our thinking and practice – and always will be.

We provide a

Throughout the manufacturing of our products we use only high quality materials. We are convinced of the high value and durability of our products. That’s why we give you a five-year guarantee.



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