Energy-efficient, burglar-resistant and timeless in design


to safeguard your home. Our aim is to provide you with a safe and secure home. The most robust design is our B’565 & B’545 with the closed door leaf. It’s an easy design to maintain and provides the highest level of security at all times. Lively colours emphasise the design and applications create a new symmetry. Elegant door fittings complete the overall appearance and bestow a beautiful design on the entrance to your home.

If required, you can add glazing in various shapes, structures and sizes to admit light to the interior of your home. This enhances the brightness of your rooms and gives a more open and inviting feel to the interior. By using different glass designs and structures, you can create outstanding light effects. Stay safe by selecting from several types of security glass to match the resistance class of your door.

With the B’245’s rung construction, you have complete freedom to create your own design. The combination of rungs and glass introduce the maximum level of incident light. You can decide whether it suits your own personal style to have the rungs applied or inserted. The spaces can be filled with glass (e.g. textured, sandblasted, mirrored, coloured and so on) or given solid fillings. You can choose different colours for inside and outside to match the decor of your home.

Why choose front doors by Biffar?
  • EN 1627-compliant security concept
  • The utmost in stability and no warping
  • Effective heat insulation
  • Powder-coated surfaces are easy to maintain
  • Different RAL, PERL and PES colours available for inside and outside
  • Decor on inside of door designed to match your interior decor
  • Triple or fourfold glazing for superb heat insulation
  • Variety of glazing and rung designs

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