Biffar security glazing can be combined with all Biffar door designs – simply choose your security level from resistance class RC1 to RC3. We offer different kinds of insulated and laminated impact and burglar-resistand glass.

EN 1627 states that glazing with RC1 (in accordance with EN 52290 or DIN 356) is sufficient for security doors. However, we recommend insulated glass with resistance class RC2 for a higher level of protection. Together, the two exterior panes have a thickness of approx. 10mm and are held together with a viscous-elastic film. The glass is subjected to rigorous testing and has to withstand the impact of a bullet (10cm in diameter) released from a drop height of 9.5m. This multi-layered unit also provides better noise protection than RC1 insulated glazing.


Benefits of Biffar security glazing:
  • Provides for glazing up to P5A
  • Glass tested according to DIN 52290 and EN 356
  • ncreased burglar resistance by using glass with a higher resistance class

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